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NUTRILITE™ new bottle on its way

We are delighted to announce that all bottles within the NUTRILITE product range will soon benefit from a sleek new look. We created a more functional bottle, improving the customer experience and creating a look that more closely follows the NUTRILITE brand legacy. Having recently updated the label design for NUTRILITE products, we will now be introducing a new range of fully recyclable bottles with a convenient easy-to-peel seal. The newly designed, environmentally friendly NUTRILITE bottles will begin to ship in Romania in the second quarter, and will gradually replace the current bottles across the entire collection over the year.

Meet the New NUTRILITE™ Custom Bottle

The new NUTRILITE bottle has been designed to maximise functionality and improve the user-experience. Key highlights of the new NUTRILITE bottle design include:

  • The new easy-to-peel seal ensures tablets stay safe and fresh, while making it much easier to remove the initial seal.
  • Alfalfa Leaf icon embossed on the bottle and the lid identifies the roots of the NUTRILITE brand.
  • A snap-closure lid to protect the contents and keep the bottle firmly closed when not in use.
  • The custom, patented bottle features all-new design elements to improve functionality and the user experience.
  • Sleek, chamfered edges complement the look of the DOUBLE X packaging tray.


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