Welcome to Amway

Welcome to Amway!

Amway is one of the world’s largest Direct Selling Businesses, a global company operating successfully for more than 50 years.

We are happy to announce you that the Bulgarian market has just joined the already existing 100 countries from all over the world where Amway is present.

With Amway you can have the opportunity to buy high quality products for your own personal use by registering as Member + (M+) or you can have the opportunity to develop a business of your own by registering as Amway Business Owner (ABO). For the moment registration is open only for M+.

A Disclaimer note

Please note that temporarily you may join Amway business opportunity via online registration in the status of Member Plus only. Please click here to learn more about the status. You will be notified by Amway immediately as soon as you can apply for authorization to change status to an ABO, pursuant to your contract with Amway and respective Incorporated Documents.

Click the image to learn more about Amway (in Bulgarian language)