Gel Oven Cleaner AMWAY™Gel Oven Cleaner AMWAY™
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Gel Oven Cleaner AMWAY™

SKU: 0014| Size: 500 ml
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The unique gel formula applied with the brush provided, clings to oven surfaces. It softens, lifts and dissolves grease and baked-on food, you simply wipe them away.
• Quickly softens, lifts and dissolves tough, baked-on food, grease, and sugar-based stains • Non-abrasive, thick gel • Child resistant closure
• Easy-to-apply. Does not need heavy scrubbing, scraping or scouring • Clings evenly to any surface, providing the necessary contact time to soften and lift thick, burned-on crust • For added safety
1. Shake well before using. (Be sure cap is on tightly before shaking). 2. Wear rubber or plastic gloves and suitable eye/face protection. 3. Remove oven racks and elements. 4. Place small bowl on bottom of oven interior. Pour in supply of oven cleaner. 5. Apply cleaner with brush to interior of oven, coating back first, then sides, bottom and top last. 6. Set racks back in oven and coat with cleaner. 7. Let stand 30 minutes. (Heavily soiled areas may need reapplication). 8. Wipe away jellied residue with sponge or cloth dipped in hot water. 9. Rinse with cloth dipped in a water-vinegar solution, working from top to bottom.
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